“Sustainability Mindset” – Interview with Matt Elley, AMLI Residential

Originally published as part of an interview series by NAIOP Washington’s Sustainable Development Committee in conjunction with their ongoing Sustainability Mindset series on September 2, 2021.

09.8.2021 Press + News

The Newsletter Edition No. 9

“High Schoolers in Seattle Build a Tiny Library That Makes Room for Everyone”

Estelita’s Library is complete! Dreamed, designed, and built by local…

08.31.2021 Press + News, Sweet Home Seattle

Mass Timber: Where to Start

Wondering why you should incorporate mass timber into your project?…

11.9.2020 Discovery, Press + News

ACEC Washington Recognizes Coughlin Porter Lundeen as a 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner

02.28.2020 Press + News, Team + Culture

“Balancing Community, Site Legacy and Museum Needs”

Neighborhood committees, park advocates and city officials each had distinct ideas of what the final product should be.

02.7.2020 Press + News, Project Highlights

2019 Historic Seattle’s Preservation Celebration

We are honored to have worked on two projects being recognized at the 2019 Historic Seattle Preservation Celebration.

09.3.2019 Press + News, Project Highlights

UW Life Sciences Building – DJC Building of the Year

This article was originally published in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce on February 16, 2019.

02.26.2019 Press + News, Project Highlights

“Wood is making a comeback.”

Things are looking up for wood-building developers as code council backs higher heights.

Press + News

“The Greatest Award is Doing Something You’re Proud of.”

Celebrating six award wins at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Awards and NAIOP’s Night of the Stars.

11.17.2017 Press + News, Project Highlights

The Publix Hotel and The Sanctuary Honored by Historic Seattle

Our team was honored to celebrate “Best Rehabilitation” and “Exemplary Stewardship” wins at Historic Seattle’s 9th Annual Awards Benefit.

09.20.2017 Press + News, Project Highlights

Giant Murals Give Students ‘Something to Look At and Feel Proud’

A Daily Journal of Commerce article authored by Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s Cory Hitzemann and Alan Jacobson explores the restoration, integration and importance of Native American murals at Seattle’s Wilson-Pacific School campus.

08.24.2017 Press + News, Thinking

What happens when you put a school in the confines of a zoo?

Environmental learning center meets traditional high school at Tacoma Public Schools’ unique Science and Math Institute (SAMi), one of the three immersion-based learning programs redefining curriculum standards and the student experience.

07.11.2018 Press + News, Project Highlights

Construction for Change makes a big leap thanks to an ‘army of do-gooders’ in Seattle

The Seattle nonprofit has quadrupled the number of schools, clinics and other projects it builds around the world.

03.29.2018 Heartstrings, Press + News

Seattle’s new party place? A historic church downtown

An article originally published on crosscut.com showcases the Sanctuary at F5 Tower.

02.26.2018 Press + News, Project Highlights

Hazel Wolf School is DJC’s 2016 Building of the Year

This article was originally published in the Daily Journal of…

03.3.2017 Press + News

Why Tower Builder Skanska Placed a $392 Million Bet in Seattle

02.10.2017 Press + News

“Artwork Fits Right in with Brain Institute”

This article was originally published in the Daily Journal of Commerce on February 7, 2017.

02.9.2017 Press + News

“$4.6M Yesler Park will bring active and quiet spaces to a growing neighborhood”

This article was originally published in the Daily Journal of Commerce on February 7, 2017.  

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2018 ENR Northwest Best Regional Project Awards

We are honored to have been a part of four…

09.5.2018 Press + News