Congratulations to our promoted team members!

Celebrating New Leadership

Coughlin Porter Lundeen is proud to announce the promotion of these team members who demonstrate leadership and commitment to their teams, the company, and our community.

Congratulations to all!

Jackie Sempel, Associate Principal
Jackie is recognized by project teams, both internally and externally, for her unparalleled leadership skills. She’s passionate, quick to suggest solutions, and a true team player. As a natural mentor, she has been very involved in development and training, and empowers and encourages those around her.

Her enthusiasm and energy have transformed the civil group’s Wednesday Lunch and Learn sessions to the highest level of engagement witnessed in years. She’s a driving force behind the Employee Engagement Task Group and a great listener. Her voice is a valuable one on the at Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s ownership level.

Ben Frizzell, Associate Principal
A confident collaborator, trusted mentor, and reliable manager, Ben is always willing to help and is reputable among Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s clients.

Ben was an intern at Coughlin Porter Lundeen while attending Seattle University. Today, he specializes in education and multi-unit residential projects. Recent successes include Enumclaw High School, the new Bethel High School, Hobson Place, and three projects in the Esterra Park Development. He’s also been involved in renovation projects including Queen Anne Exchange and PaliHotel Seattle. He has a passion for affordable housing, developing great relationships with Mercy Housing Northwest, Community Roots Housing, and others, and volunteers with the Housing Development Consortium.

Eric Dixon, Associate Principal
Eric has a broad portfolio of office, multi-unit residential, research laboratories, as well as PreK-12 and higher education projects. Eric’s collaboration, consistency, and vision have forged strong, trusting relationships with clients and partners on his teams.

Eric was raised in Eastern Washington and graduated from Washington State University before joining Coughlin Porter Lundeen 16 years ago. He takes on all challenges willingly and does them well, most recently serving as a leader in the structural design of the Microsoft Campus Modernization project. Internally, he’s also helped integrate processes and programs into the workflow of the structural group.

Outside the office, Eric is a champion of NAIOP’s annual Community Enhancement event.  Each year’s project requires a lot of time, commitment, and coordination, but has a huge impact on our neighborhoods.

Andrew Ayling, Associate Principal
Andrew has led the design of some of Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s largest projects, including the massive Microsoft Campus Modernization project, and countless others in the office and multi-unit residential markets. He’s a strong project manager, an advocate for mentorship and continued learning, and the firm’s in-house master of concrete design and code.

Leading Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s internal concrete training program, Andrew has implemented a more formal approach to continuous learning. Last year, he coordinated 27 biweekly sessions, and even empowered other staff members to teach sessions.

Marie Ternes, Structural Associate
As a project manager, Marie is organized, confident, and well respected by our clients. She’s also skilled at seeing the big picture and gives much time and talent to helping shape the future landscape of the firm and local AEC.

She helped found Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s Women’s Leadership Group four years ago, and then the Employee Engagement Task Group. As a spokesperson for those groups, she’s been instrumental in working with the leadership team to implement policy changes and make suggestions that have bettered our evolving workplace. Outside the office, she co-chairs ULI Northwest’s Young Leaders Group and has participated on multiple panels with CREW Seattle and NAIOP. Most recently, she helped establish the Why Not More Women series with GLY Construction – all of which have empowered more unique voices to break convention and speak into the future of AEC.

Jason Whitney, Structural Associate 
Like many of the firm’s engineers, Jason joined Coughlin Porter Lundeen an intern and has built his career here. Today, he’s a fantastic project manager, mentor, and details expert who has mastered most every building material we design with. He’s currently responsible for several large, complicated projects, and on each, he displays incredible organization, creativity, and an ability to simplify design challenges.

Jason’s knowledge extends to various structural systems and materials, including mass timber. He’s achieved recognition as a thought leader in that growing community and serves as a valuable resource for clients and partners, as mass timber projects gain momentum in the Northwest.

Bart Balko, Senior Civil Project Manager
Bart’s clients ask for him by name. And it’s clear why! Calm under pressure and exceedingly competent, he’s compiled an impressive list of project successes in his 20-year tenure at Coughlin Porter Lundeen.

Bart began his career at Coughlin Porter Lundeen after graduating from Washington State University with his master’s degree. Today, he manages the firm’s two large Meta-Facebook projects in Redmond as well as a Microsoft campus expansion project. His full plate allows his excellent management skills to be on full display. These large, complex projects have also allowed Bart’s jurisdiction relationships and coordination to shine, an incredible asset to project teams.

Nick Jacoby, Structural Project Manager
Nick blends an easy-going spirit with admirable drive and skill – a unique package (and one greatly appreciated by his coworkers and teammates!). He cares deeply about the success of the projects he works on, especially from the standpoint of owner and architect goals.

Nick’s portfolio includes multifamily, healthcare, and higher education projects. No matter the project, he’s known for an unwavering positive attitude, and keeping a level head under pressure and adversity.

Ryan Goodwin, Civil Project Manager
Ryan has been a key player in some of Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s most complex and sensitive projects. Projects like Cougar Mountain Middle School in Issaquah, Bellevue 600, West Main, and many others. Ryan is sure to bring his trademark composure, effort, and skill to any project.

Ryan has also established a standout relationship with City of Bellevue officials, especially as they drafted and implemented new code. The trust he’s established makes for positive collaboration in the growing area, and allows Coughlin Porter Lundeen projects to be permitted quickly.