Mass Timber: Where to Start

Wondering why you should incorporate mass timber into your project? Or not sure where to start? Our friends at GLY Construction break it down for you. In the first of a two-part Q+A, they sit down with the 2005 Poplar team to discuss how this game-changing structural system was incorporated into Rowley Properties’ newest office building.

In an excerpt, 2005 Poplar team member and Coughlin Porter Lundeen Principal, Chris Duvall gives insight to material choice: “There are several different mass timber panel products made in the Northwest, each with their own unique structural capabilities. Some products fit certain uses better than others. On 2005 Poplar, we needed a thin-profile roof panel that met a certain aesthetic with adequate strength to efficiently span our office grid and accomplish the two-way cantilevers at our roof overhangs. CLT was able to achieve all of this while also acting as our seismic diaphragm.”

Read the full interview in GLY’s Quarterly Think, “Mass Timber: Where to Start, Part I,” and “Mass Timber: Where to Start, Part II,” and take a virtual tour of the project here.

Images: (c) Lara Swimmer 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED