“High Schoolers in Seattle Build a Tiny Library That Makes Room for Everyone”

Estelita’s Library is complete! Dreamed, designed, and built by local students, the library is a truly special place in Seattle’s Beacon Hill. Structural Engineer Kelly Lowe lent a hand helping permit and construct the project in partnership with Sawhorse Revolution, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Olsen Kundig and other volunteers.

“The new Estelita’s Library is an open and inclusive space where activism is encouraged through community engagement and the written word.

As the City of Seattle continues to experience explosive growth—and displacement that goes along with it—a disused snippet of land on a major thoroughfare in the Central District neighborhood has become a proving ground for the potential of community-driven design. Atop the small plot is now a micro structure, a neon sign proudly announcing the new location of a significant gathering space within the city: Estelita’s Library.”

Read the full article from Dwell by Lauren Gallow published on August 19, 2021. Photo © Rafael Soldi. Learn more about Coughlin Porter Lundeen’s involvement in the project in edition no. 5 of The Connection.