Women Who Lead: in Architecture & Engineering

We are excited to partner with the Puget Sound Business Journal on their new Women Who Lead series.

Designed to bring together professionals and leaders from a range of industries, the “Women Who Lead” event series will allow us to learn from our community’s experience, better understand challenges, and share advice.

The first event in the quarterly series focused on the hospitality industry. The upcoming installation looks to architecture and engineering.

Women Who Lead in Architecture + Engineering
Wednesday, September 18th 3:30 – 6 p.m. at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel
This event will a feature structured networking time led by a hand-selected group of table moderators. Questions sparked during this networking time will be discussed on stage by a dynamic panel of women who lead this region’s architecture and engineering industry. Learn about the panelists here.

In addition to inviting you to the events (truly, we hope to connect with you there!) we’re sharing insights from two of the women who helped shape the series: Publisher & Market President of the Puget Sound Business Journal, Emily Parkhurst and Runberg Architecture Group Principal, Melissa Wechsler.

The event is designed for anyone interested in leadership and growing their architecture and engineering career, acknowledging that being a woman in a male-dominated industry is a challenge. Especially when, to women in the industry, items like achieving work/life balance, finding ideal work schedules, handling family leave, and understanding paths to advancement can feel like universal challenges. The event is a platform to discuss such challenges, learn from one another, and make positive adjustments individually and as an AEC community.

While the events obviously emphasize the female experience, men are invited – and encouraged – to attend. According to Wechsler, this will be a fit for, “any woman looking for guidance on how to navigate her career in A+E, and any men looking to support the advancement of women they work with.”

A structured networking segment begins the event. This presents a great opportunity to connect with others in the industry and allows attendees to shape the rest of the event by contributing questions for the panel.

“All of the questions for the panelists are generated by the audience during the structured networking portion of the event, so it’s really up to the audience what topics get discussed,” says Parkhurst. “At previous events there were questions about why there weren’t more women in leadership roles in this industry, how companies can make sure women have equal access to advancement opportunities, salary negotiation tips, and general career advice. It’s an opportunity to ask this phenomenal panel of women big questions, and get candid answers to things like how they got ahead, how they negotiated a promotion, what stumbling blocks they’ve encountered, etc.” Puget Sound Business Journal Editor in Chief, Ryan Lambert and Associate Editor, Coral Garnick will facilitate panels.

A Puget Sound Business Journal event, Parkhurst says that this is a topic her team is passionate about, and one they plan to continue exploring for years to come. “Our role is to connect business leaders to opportunity. We felt strongly that this discussion needed to happen and that we could convene the right people who could help the next generation of leaders in their industry break through by providing insights, mentorship and transparency.”

It’s hoped that attendees walk away with practical advice on how to advance their careers and enhance their professional lives, that the series allows colleagues to connect and support systems to be established, and that we all find ways to work together and grow.

The following event information was published by Puget Sound Business Journal. Read the original article here.
About the Women Who Lead series:
In this exciting new series, the Puget Sound Business Journal will bring together exceptional women leaders in a variety of industries to discuss their path to the top, the challenges they’ve encountered along the way, and provide practical wisdom that audience members can use to get ahead in their own careers. These events, scheduled once per quarter, will be a prime opportunity for companies to support the aspiring young leaders in their ranks while connecting with the speakers and table moderators, who will be high-level decision-makers in the Puget Sound-area community.