The Equipoise Pavilion at Seattle Design Festival 2022

The Seattle Design Festival’s mission is to “unleash the design thinker in everyone to illuminate Seattle’s challenges and ignite action.” The installations dreamed up by contributors did just that. And each was aligned to this year’s theme: “Connection.”

We were so inspired by the festival this year, and even partnered with LMN Architects to bring our installation, the Equipoise Pavilion, to life.

Designed to represent the Pacific Northwest summertime, “Equipoise seeks to embrace two identities intrinsically tied to our regional culture: the celebrated pastimes of sailing and camping. Though differing in objective and venue, these activities share a deep connection and engagement with the outdoors. Whether out on the Salish Sea or among vast evergreen forests, these activities exchange the hustle and flow of urbanity for the solitude of yesteryear. Drawing upon the tectonic and material languages of these outdoor pursuits, Equipoise provides both shelter and monument, a space both within and among, a moment both grounded and liberating.” – LMN Architects

The pavilion was conceptualized as a place to bring people together. It’s unique appearance changes with different perspectives. The shape creates an arched vault at its center to create a space for gathering. From another angle, the arch is inverted to create a wing- shaped shelter for anyone to seek shade from. And at night, the pavilion is born anew with yellow lighting.

Structural Project Engineer Sean Umeda and Structural Principal Cory Hitzemann had a great time collaborating with LMN Architects on the Equipoise Pavilion. According to Sean, “A lot of creative engineering went into making the pavilion a reality, so seeing it on full display at the Seattle Design Festival was exciting. Connecting with the community and seeing them enjoy the installation was everything we could have hoped for.”

We already can’t wait for next year’s festival! If you’re interested in getting involved or want to browse the festival’s archive, head to the Seattle Design Festival’s website, here. You might even see some of our past collaborations!

And in addition to the Equipoise Pavilion, we also partnered with Mahlum and Lydig Construction on “What a re-LEAF!

Images by Adam Hunter/LMN Architects