Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Happy Mother’s Day!

We celebrated a little early in our office by preparing 29 baskets for YWCA’s Mother’s Day basket drive. If you haven’t heard of YWCA, they’re a national organization that aims to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Participating in their basket drive was a no-brainer!

Structural Project Engineer, Rachel Vranizan, led the charge, rallying our troops to collect as many goodies as possible to fill our promised 25 baskets (which turned into 29 with all the in-office support)! Gifted items included lotions, scented candles, nail polish, lipstick, planners, and unsigned Mother’s Day greeting cards for the children to deliver.

Mothers in the YWCA shelters are focused on creating stability for their families, so they don’t often have the time or resources to focus on themselves. This gift basket drive provided these super moms with the means to pamper themselves, while simultaneously allowing their children to show their appreciation!

We love that we could help make this Mother’s Day special for the families at Seattle’s YWCA!
Learn more about the organization here.