Meet Our New Project Managers

At Coughlin Porter Lundeen, we approach engineering differently. We choose projects that require imagination and ingenuity, and see ourselves as much more than a traditional consultant. By extension, the way we define our roles and organize ourselves internally is unique too.

Project Managers at Coughlin Porter Lundeen

Five engineers were recently promoted to Project Manager: Kyle Malaspino, Aaron Fjelstad, Ben Frizzell, Eric Lentz, and Jason Whitney. While it’s easy to say that our project manager roles require more than the typical experience, expertise and mentorship responsibilities, the ones most qualified to tell us what it means to be a project managers at Coughlin Porter Lundeen are the PMs themselves. In their own words, here’s how they give context to the title:

“I still focus on the technical, but as a project manager, I’m more focused on people. It’s my responsibility to see the big picture and work with the team to develop and implement successful strategies for my projects.”

“We’re responsible for the next generation of engineers and must prioritize mentorship. The best project managers are ones that bring out the best in everyone they work with.”

“As project managers, we must be resources. Internally, this means we’re approachable leaders with knowledge in a variety of arenas. Outside the office, it means we’re an asset to our partners, creating strong relationships founded on communication and teamwork.”

Get to Know the Team!

In addition to extending our congratulations, we’re sharing a few key facts about our newest project managers.

Kyle Malaspino, P.E., LEED AP B+C, Civil Project Manager

Years at Coughlin Porter Lundeen: 7 (10 years total experience)
Flagship Projects: Amazon in the Regrade, Google’s Lakefront Blocks Campus, Hyatt Regency Seattle
For Fun: Kyle is an avid hunter (and occasionally has the beard to prove it).

Aaron Fjelstad, P.E., LEED AP, Civil Project Manager

Years at Coughlin Porter Lundeen: 9
Flagship Projects: The Allen Institute, Lincoln Square Expansion, Mount Si High School
For Fun: Aaron and his wife recently welcomed a new addition to the family: baby Lena!

Ben Frizzell, P.E., S.E. Structural Project Manager

Years at Coughlin Porter Lundeen: 10
Flagship Projects: Washington Hall Renovation, Trillium Woods, Cherry Crest Elementary School
For Fun: This year, Ben was Stranger Things’ Eleven for Halloween. He looked spectacular.

Eric Lentz, P.E., LEED AP, Structural Project Manager

Years at Coughlin Porter Lundeen: 10
Flagship Projects: 12th Avenue Arts Apartments, Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School, Cornish Commons
For Fun: Eric hails from Omak, Washington and is a skilled carpenter. (Ask him about his home’s addition!)

Jason Whitney, P.E., S.E., Structural Project Manager

Years at Coughlin Porter Lundeen: 11
Flagship Projects: Amazon Blocks 34, 35. Issaquah High School, University of Washington HUB Modernization
For Fun: Jason is the proud father of twin boys and enjoys sailing in his free time.