Out of Office Series: Returning to the Real World

After a year and a half of safe separation, closed doors, and Brady Bunch screens, it feels great to physically reconnect with the places we love and the people we’ve missed. We’ve brought back the Out of the Office series to share recent reunions and refreshing adventures. (All done with appropriate precautions and safety measures, of course!) Our latest round highlights everything from our summer kickball league to a trip to Red Square in Moscow.

Underdog Kickball is in full swing! A Co-ed Recreational Kickball League, our company team “Marie & Friends” brings a powerhouse lineup to this year’s roster. While we may have lost our first match, “It’s the spirit that counts!” says Team Captain, Carson Baker. Don’t write us off yet — we were just warming up. Plus, there are five more matches until the coveted playoffs!

Left: Katya Finegold took a trip home to visit family in, Moscow Russia – and our custom MiiR bottles came too! Katya’s made the trek all the way to Red Square!

Right: Bryan Zagers switched gears in 2020 and hit the pavement, biking upwards of 100 miles in a day! You can catch him on Strava, an exercise app that integrates social network features. He holds the crown and reigns KOM (King of the Mountain – yes, that’s a thing) on a few local hill climbs if anyone is up for a challenge. Here he is catching a breath in front of West Main in Bellevue. Steel is up!

Always a summer favorite: The SLU Tour! Before our intern crew heads back to school, we take a field trip to South Lake Union, highlighting projects, sharing stories, and showcasing how our team has contributed to the downtown landscape. This year’s walking tour was no exception! Here are Hank, Emma, Emma (x2!), Hannah, Amber and Bridget pictured underneath The Galleria glass canopy at Amazon’s Bigfoot and Nessie site.

Kyle Malaspino, Ben Frizzell and Chris Duvall had a groovy time with clients at NAIOP’s Summer Social Golf tournament. This year’s “Woodstock” theme was far out.