Features We Love: Hazel Wolf K-8 School Murals

Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School aims to redefine the way we think about traditional education.

Its unique curriculum is founded on collaborative, creative learning, health and fitness, and environmental science. The new facilities and grounds were strategically designed to align with its cutting-edge, E-STEM (Engineering, Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) – focused curriculum.

The site layout is arranged around flexible “learning commons” which provide a collaborative, hands-on educational experience for students. Classrooms and the grounds are intertwined to such a degree that the educational spaces flow seamlessly into the outdoors. Just inside the school’s entrance, students are greeted by a magnificent floor-to-ceiling living wall, complementing the indoor/outdoor aesthetic.

But in our opinion, the massive murals that adorn Hazel Wolf’s walls are the real standouts. The wall behind a three-story exposed brace frame details our team’s structural calculations. A second multi-story mural displays the Mohorovičić Discontinuity diagram, detailing the components that make up the Earth’s crust. Additionally, the exposed concrete slabs throughout reveal the building’s skeleton and enable students to visualize how their school was built. These highly visual displays are unique to the school and showcase Hazel Wolf’s commitment to their E-STEM-based curriculum. Future geo-techs and seismologists in the making? We think so!