Engineers Week

Happy National Engineers Week! To celebrate, we dedicated this week’s social activity to highlighting our core values; the things that define a Coughlin Porter Lundeen engineer.

“‘Quality’ is my one word answer to what makes us different.” Quality and exceptional service are the cornerstones of our business, which is why we take the time to get things right – every drawing, every detail, every time. What does this look like day-to-day? Check out Crafting Company Culture: An Owner’s Perspective, where Founding Principal Jim Coughlin shares why quality and proactivity rank high on his list.

We approach engineering differently. We work on projects that require imagination and ingenuity and see ourselves as much more than a traditional consultant. Take SAMi in Tacoma — what happens when you put a school in the confines of a zoo?

We provide an exceptional product in our drawings and designs, but to us, “exceeding standards” means much more. It means being at the forefront of topics most pressing to our industry and being a steadfast partner our clients can count on.

Thursday was Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day! Creating an empowered team is one of our core values, which takes shape via our internship program, community panels and events, our internal Women’s Group, and more. After all, an empowered team is a successful team. We start them young at Coughlin Porter Lundeen!

We approach company culture with intentionality, leaning on a new generation of leadership and letting employee feedback drive its evolution. For the second year in a row, our team is honored to receive the Excellence in Inclusion Award.

Connecting with our communities goes beyond project design. We serve on committees, participate in mentoring programs, and help with fundraising. But what we most enjoy is getting our hands dirty at workday events like NAIOP’s Annual Community Enhancement project – where volunteers transform a facility in a single day.