School is in session and ACE lessons have begun!

ACE sessions are back in-person this year! The ACE Mentor Program is a free after school program for high school students interested in architecture, construction, and engineering. Students work with professionals from various disciplines, experiment with real-life scenarios, and contribute to realistic project Request for Proposals (RFPs). One of our longest standing partnerships, Coughlin Porter Lundeen has provided mentors for years. Participants include Bridget McFaul, Ana Perarnau, Laura Lindeman, Sean Umeda, Kelly Lowe, Kelly Weiler, and Katie Rand.

The program kicked off right here in our office last month. Students began Session 1 brainstorming design ideas in response to a mock RFP: a new Center for Aquatic Life on Harbor Avenue in Seattle. Session 2 involved an introduction into civil and structural engineering, followed by hands-on activities.

Assembled into small groups, students were given a budget with materials they could purchase to create a water filtration system. Who could devise the cleanest water system and at what cost? The next activity involved creating a small structure within a specified footprint, using only straws and tape. Students put their buildings to the test on a mini-shake table with superficial weight added to the top of the structures. The activity demonstrated the seismic forces that could affect the building in the event of an earthquake. Laughter and chaos ensued! It was a friendly competition with engaged and excited students.

ACE is one of several ways we are committed to mentoring local students. We believe in ACE and love hosting students in the office for lessons.

Learn about Civil Engineer Bridget McFaul and her ACE experience.  ACE features prominently in her career journey as she went from ACE participant and student to Coughlin Porter Lundeen intern, then to full-time employee and active ACE mentor.