Video Feature: The Engineering Fellows Program, The Student Experience

As proud supporters of both Washington STEM and Washington MESA, we were thrilled to learn about the four-part video series documenting the key elements of The Engineering Fellows Program. We were especially captivated by the second video. For one, our own Laura Grignon, Senior Civil Project Manager, lends her voice to the installment, but we also love that it let us hear from the students – what having an engineer (especially female engineers) in their classroom meant to them, what they learned, where they see themselves in the future.

The Engineering Fellows Program brings engineering into fifth grade classrooms to increase access, interest and awareness for students. Tana Peterman, Washington STEM Program Officer summarizes the program mission well, saying, “The Engineering Fellows Program is a great example of what career connected learning can look like, particularly around the elementary grades. It was designed to help kids understand where engineering fits into their everyday lives, and see possible pathways they could take if they wanted to do so.”

We hope that you check out the entire series and learn more about what you can do to support Washington STEM!