Tim Brockway

Civil Associate Principal

The apple didn’t fall far in this family tree! Go back generations, and you’ll find builders and engineers in Tim’s family. Tim specializes in comprehensive site planning and design for complex projects and has a passion for incorporating sustainability and resiliency into the design of developments.

His almost 30 years in the industry grant him deep experience successfully negotiating with regulatory agencies in Western Washington on the most technically complex and ambitious projects. Leveraging this, he provides unparalleled advocacy for his clients. His vision extends beyond traditional scope, as he’s able to see from others’ perspectives. Whether it be a fellow designer, jurisdiction, contractor, or owner, Tim understands stakeholder interests, allowing him to forge cooperative partnerships and be an invaluable part of his project teams.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 1992

Fun Fact

Tim is a devoted husband, father, sports fan, and lover of music and film.