Marsha Swatosh

Structural Project Engineer

Marsha’s favorite part of her job is being able to work with so many amazing people. From architects, to contractors, and coworkers alike, each make her job more rewarding. If asked, colleagues would describe Marsha as “a metaphorical train engineer” – always encouraging (or conducting) internal talent to respond quickly to clients. Whether spending the day on her paddleboard or volunteering her time with after school programs through ACE or WABS, Marsha is constantly inspired by the places and people around her.”



M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Washington, 2015
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2011
B.S. Physics, University of Wisconsin, 2010

Fun Fact

She’s always looking for the next adventure: skydiving, bungee jumping, teaching math to kids in Namibia, or just exploring the greater Seattle area.