Chris Duvall

P.E., S.E.

A carpenter father, a creative family, and a sincere love for structure all contribute to Chris’ hardworking nature and unique perspective. He thrives on challenges and uses unique solutions to bring architectural visions to life. A truly versatile engineer, his portfolio spans markets and material types. Approachable, hardworking, and a great teacher, he lends his leadership to Coughlin Porter Lundeen internal communication, mentorship and marketing.

At the forefront of the mass timber movement, Chris has several CLT projects underway and contributed to various studies related to the use of CLT in the Pacific Northwest. He has completed structural element evaluations (addressing the hurdles of using CLT as an alternative to concrete and steel), pitched local jurisdictions, presented nationally, and continues to push CLT research and applications forward.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Seattle University, 1998, Cum laude

Fun Fact

One half PGA Pro, one half country boy.