Bart Balko

Senior Civil Project Manager

If the opportunity presents itself – a bridge, a small cliff – Bart is known to throw a backflip into the water. He can’t help himself! It’s the perfect parallel for his work life: his calm nature is a welcome presence on the project team (standing on a pre-jump edge takes composure), he regularly exceeds client expectations (why jump when you could flip!?), and he’s always seeking unexpected solutions (always on the lookout for the perfect jumping spot).

Bart is a hardworking engineer and project manager who cares deeply about his projects and those he works with. He excels in sustainable design, and has completed many successful rain gardens, green roofs and stormwater harvesting systems. Bart enjoys realizing a shared vision with clients and creating strong working relationships with permitting agencies. His versatility and effective communication skills are appreciated by colleagues, owners, architects and contractors alike.


M.S. Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 2003
B.S. Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 2001

Fun Fact

Bart is a skilled bow hunter with a serious sweet tooth.