Andrew Ayling

P.E., S.E.
Structural Associate Principal

Almost as tall as the buildings he designs, Andrew is someone we all look up to (physically and metaphorically). His personal motto – “worrying never helped anyone” – is evident in his role as a project manager, always addressing challenges head-on and with poise. Andrew’s practical nature, dry humor, and ability to maintain an even keel helps keep projects on course and makes him a valued asset to any team.

His approach is thoughtful and thorough, essential for someone who regularly manages complex, multi-phased projects. His work includes large residential mixed-use developments for both public and private clients as well as higher education facilities.


M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Washington, 2002
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Washington, 2001

Fun Fact

Andrew rides his bike to work every day — usually in rain, sometimes in shine.