Ana Perarnau

P.E., S.E
Structural Project Engineer

Born and raised in Venezuela, Ana moved to Texas when she was 11 and eventually found herself in Seattle as an intern, turned full-time employee, at Coughlin Porter Lundeen. (And we are so glad she found her way here, even though she misses the beach!) Ana greets every day with a grin. She is engaged and personally invested in each project she takes on and brings contagious positivity and enthusiasm wherever she goes, exciting and inspiring colleagues and clients alike. She enjoys the unique challenges that come along with every project and believes in the importance of always having a well-stocked “tool belt.”


M.S. Structural Engineering, Stanford University, 2017
B.S. Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2015

Fun Fact

When she was 12, Ana won a ride on the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. (Yes, we have photos.)