Steve Savage

P.E., S.E. Structural Associate

An early interest in construction and architecture led Steve to a long career in structural engineering. He has been a leader in the industry since 1987 and was one of the firm’s earliest employees. While his forte is managing the design of complex renovation projects and large institutional jobs, Steve is skilled in a diverse range of project types, including both public and private work; new construction; schools; offices and high-tech projects. He has mastered the use of all types of building materials with a specific focus on concrete and steel construction. Steve’s extensive experience gives him the ability to see the “big picture” view on a project and an understanding of how the structure impacts all disciplines.

/ Education

M.S. Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 1986, Cum laude
B.S. Civil Engineering, Washington State University, 1985

Steve Savage Self-proclaimed weather geek with an extensive Bavarian beer stein collection.