Team Recs – Coffee Shops (and Favorite Orders!)

In each edition, we crowdsource recommendations from our team, everything from hikes and dog parks to road trip destinations and restaurants. This edition, we’re leaning into our Seattle roots by featuring our favorite local coffee shops!

Mr. West Cafe

Recommended by: Nick Jacoby, Structural Project Manager

Why I love it: I go to Mr. West for the innovative coffee and tea menu items, as well as the modern-yet-casual interior design. It’s the perfect place for meeting up with a group of friends. My favorite Mr. West Café is in University Village, where swinging in while you shop/run errands is almost too easy. The breakfast menu items are also great if you’re looking for a good coffee pairing.

Favorite Order: Coffee Egg Cream (season dependent!).

Image Credit: Mr. West Cafe

Woodland Coffee

Recommended by: Jenna Louie, Structural Staff Engineer

Why I love it: I love going to Woodland Coffee, a local and family-owned business. Not only is the vibe incredibly cozy, but their seasonal drink creations are always really fun and inventive. They also feature guest roasters each week. The café itself has plenty of seating and good wi-fi for studying or doing work over the weekend. And the outdoor patio is a big plus on sunny Seattle days!

Favorite Order: Iced Maple White Mocha and a Cinnamon Roll!

Image Credit: Woodland Coffee 

Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Company

Recommended by: Henry Lindekugel, Civil Engineer

Why I love it: Zoka is a great all-around coffee shop to catch up with friends or relax and get lost in a book. They have a wide array of coffee and tea options, from classic pour over to seasonally flavored drinks. Their large open seating area has plenty of tables and the wood interior helps give the cafe a cozy feel – especially through the rainy Seattle days! In the summer months, large windows fill the shop with light, making it the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee on your way to Green Lake.

Favorite Order: Honey Cardamom Latte.

Image Credit: Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Company

Storyville Coffee Company

Recommended by: Marcie Lohr, Marketing Director

Why I love it: Storyville is known for its indulgent food and beverage options that are a nice departure from the usual morning caffeine routine. Sitting along the window bar is a great way to take a break and people watch. The espresso and pastries are rich; the breakfast sandwich was a favorite end-of-the-week indulgence for many. Pre-pandemic, they’d surprise mid-afternoon guests with a complimentary slice of chocolate cake that was to die for. The 1st & Madison store is open again – yay! – although it’s best to check the schedule before you go. The Pike Place Market café is larger, with cozy furniture to help escape the cacophony of the market shops below. And I’ve loved their playful logo since the first time I saw it.

Favorite Order: Peppermint tea latte (made with their own vanilla syrup!), plus a bag of Esther Mae’s granola to add to my yogurt.

Image Credit: Storyville Coffee Company