Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Routes

In each edition of our newsletter, we crowdsource recommendations from our team, featuring Pacific Northwest favorites, everything from hikes and holiday happenings to road trip destinations and restaurants. This edition, we’re highlighting our favorite dog-friendly walking routes (and some of our adorable furry friends!).

Howarth Beach Dog Park

Recommended by: Mike Armstrong, Structural Project Manager & Mia, Snuggler Extraordinaire

Why I love it: There’s nothing better than playing with your furry friend on the beach and watching them swim through the waves as they fetch the same stick over and over! Howarth Park is our favorite because it has an expansive off-leash beach that’s never too crowded. There’s lots of room for the dogs to run, and there are some fantastic views!

Getting to the beach is super easy too. After parking, it’s just a short (semi-steep!) hike through the woods, over the train tracks, and down a spiral staircase. This place is hard to beat for a good time with your dog!

Pro Tip: Running and fetching all day can be some serious work, so be sure to bring some water down to the beach for your worn-out pooch! And don’t forget a towel or blanket for the ride home – the dog will be a mess by the time you climb back up to the top, trust me!

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Westcrest Off-Leash Dog Park

Recommended by: Sheri Stark, Civil Technician & Oni, Tennis Ball Connoisseur

Why I love it: Westcrest Off-Leash Park offers great walking trails and several large open areas with plenty of room for a “chuck-it” launching tennis ball round of fetch. Tennis ball = happy Oni. For more exploring, there are lots of wooded trails, grassy open play areas (on leash), beach access and amazing views. We enjoy a day walking around Lincoln Park the most.

Pro Tip: Get there early to miss the crowds in the summer and find easy parking. I recommend the small parking lot at the north end of the park for direct access to the off-leash entry! Also be sure to check out the local Rockin’ Robin Espresso stand for drinks and a few treats before making your way into the park!

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Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park

Recommended by: Rob Gonia, Civil Project Engineer & Trixie, Professional Spotter

Why I love it: Easily accessible and just minutes off I-5 in SeaTac, Grandview is a sizeable off-leash dog park with plenty of grassy and sandy open space for your dog to run and play. There’s even an agility course if you want to test your pup’s ability to follow your commands and navigate obstacles!

With plenty of asphalt and gravel paths it’s also really easy to get a solid walk or run in while your dog explores. Water stations are located on both the upper and lower plateau so there’s no need to carry water. Just be sure to bring a collapsible bowl to fill if your dog doesn’t feel like sharing. Be prepared for the breathtaking views of Mount Rainer on a particularly clear day!

Pro Tip: Get there early if you plan to go over the weekend. Parking can fill up quickly, especially during the summer months or on sunny days. Trixie also emphasizes the importance of getting solid rest after a period of extended exercise!

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Brewery Hopping in Ballard

Recommended by: Shauna Kean, Structural Project Engineer & Unagi, Doga Master

Why I love it: Ballard breweries are very dog friendly! And visiting them is a great excuse to get outside, take the dog for a long walk around beautiful Ballard, and drink some great beer.

My preferred route: Start at Reuben’s Brews for the best beer, then head over to Peddlers for some outdoor time, followed by Lagunitas for board games and free peanuts, and finish off at Ballard Beer Co. to grab some beers to-go before heading home.

Pro Tip: Even better with friends! Bonus points if they bring their dog, too.

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