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Graphiti Associates

Culture and Staff Photography
It’s not always easy to catch an engineer’s smile, but these folks did a great job. Thank you for helping us celebrate our team and share what it’s like to work at Coughlin Porter Lundeen.

Matt Walsh
Linda Diep
Jake Warga
Heather Krause
Jenni Lachner
Sam Doherty
Sandy Grimm

Project photography and renderings
Thank you to the following firms or individuals for their contributions to the project imagery found throughout our site.

Ben Benschneider
Matt Walsh
Aaron Leitz
Michael Walmsley
Doug Scott
William Wright
Steve Dubinsky
Dale Lang
Chris Eden / Callison
John Edwards
Lara Swimmer
Ed Sozinho
Andrew Buchanan
Natalie Wallace
Steve Wanke
Terry Poe
Ed LaCasse
Lincoln Barbour Photography
Michael Oechsle
Alexa Helsell McIntyre
Marissa Natkin
Jeff Amram
Oregon Department of Transportation
LMN Architects
SKB Architects
SMR Architects
The Miller Hull Partnership
Weber Thompson
ZGF Architects